This Is Getting Exciting!

In case you were waiting to let me know you’re interested in buying the bay window, it’s gone. Who would have known that there was such a brisk market for bay windows? But it was sold in no time. I’ll show you where the money went very soon.

Really, it’s a breakfast room. It looks much better now.

Our house has a new shape! Soon after my last post, the new kitchen was framed up and closed in. I have no idea what it looks like inside, because they have not made any steps. I think this was premeditated. The carpenters can climb in and out by ladder, but I can only peer upwards through the door opening, which is pretty high off the ground. Finally today, the HVAC person has cut holes out for the vents in the floor. Or so they tell me.

Framing has commenced! It’s starting to look like a porch!

Even more exciting— because I can see it— the porch is completely framed and roofed. We are waiting on the inspector, and then we can wrap the posts in white weatherproof material and add rails, ceiling, and door. Greg was flexible enough to make a spur-of-the-moment change for me. When I came home last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and headed toward the back porch to talk to Mason, a carpenter, the sunset was shining beautifully through the upper triangle under the peak of the roof. I asked Greg whether we could leave the siding off that top portion and just have screen. Today, he figured out how to accommodate the opening, and said yes. So, now my sunsets will all be framed works of art.

Beautiful ceiling rafters! You can see most of my coveted open peak at the end.
Screening is even important under the floor, so that those little critters don’t crawl up onto your feet.
Floor decking almost done!

Inside, the electricians have gotten started. Here is something I never realized before: electricians are messy. They cut through walls and leave a fine layer of sheetrock dust all over everything, and little chunks of sheetrock all over the floor. Here is a sample of their work.

Eventually, they just took the whole wall of sheetrock out. Much more efficient.

However, they have installed some very nice can lights, which I love much more than I expected. They bring the light in the kitchen out to the edges, rather than being concentrated in the middle. The little, hanging squares are where they had to drill through beams to pull the wiring through the ceiling. They assure me that this is temporary.



Tonight when I came home from work, we had reached a milestone that I had been anticipating for ever so long: a porch floor. When David and I stepped out back just after the workers left, it started to rain gently on our new roof. We found some chairs.


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