Welcome to TheReaderWrites!

This is the daughter blog to my EatReadSleep.com, which I have maintained for four years now, but which really needed to become a blog that was all about book reviews. I have so much more to say, though! As a result of my desire to share even more with you, I have decided to launch this blog, which will be all about life, the universe, and everything. Anything you read below this post has been copied from EatReadSleep.com, but anything after this is new, original content.

Not that we will not talk about books! For me, though, as an avid reader and librarian, books are often both a jumping-off point to new ideas and a way to dig even more deeply into my passion du jour. Come with me and join in!

My obsession of the moment is home renovation. We have just begun a project to add a screened porch to our house and to enlarge our current kitchen. It is terrifying and thrilling. Let’s get started.

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