We Had a Vampire-Free Night

Yesterday, we celebrated my birthday, which means that I allow myself carbs for that one day each year. Dinner is always the same: linguini and pesto. I grow basil like a crop every year just for pesto. I use the recipe in Moosewood Restaurant’s original cookbook for “Pesto Genovese.” It’s also great on grilled chicken. They have many other fabulous, basic recipes in that cookbook, too: guacamole, blue cheese dressing, and so on. Just a very few, very good ingredients.

Of course, in our family, if a recipe calls for two medium cloves of garlic, three large cloves must be better! So, we made a double batch of pesto with extra garlic and scarfed it down! We’re talking fresh, raw garlic here. Yum! Needless to say, we had no trouble with vampires all night. However, I also noticed that there were five empty chairs to my right at church today, and the couple in front of us got up and left halfway through the sermon. I’m afraid we may have breathed.


This post was originally published on www.EatReadSleep.com on 8-12-16.

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